13 Nov The Fright at Tristor has 3 ratings and 1 review. Martin said: This adventure was created as part of the Living Greyhawk campaign, but it can be. RPGA the Fright at Tristor – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. From the back cover: We die for The Watcher! Orcish barbarians harry the northern trade routes through the cold north of the Theocracy of the Pale, serving a.

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Solitary or group Challenge Rating: As proper servants of Pholtus, however, the townsfolk ofTristor were not without mercy. When closed, two guards stand at watch in the yard. Views Read Edit View history. He was escorting his af, Brynn, to The fright at tristor when the owlbear attacked, overturning the wagon in its initial rush.

The salve must be used quickly, she explains, as it goes bad within three days.

The Fright At Tristor (Dungeons and Dragons) – PDF Free Download

The fright at tristor the PCs return to Tristor, continue with the next section. The bull is confident it would have killed it if the bear had not fled. Nightwail Dungeons and Dragons. The rank stench of rotten meat mixed with tree pine hangs heavy in the air. Barth0 runs the church and Tristor itself in an Potion Price each efficient manner. Please feel free to mail corrections, comments, and additions to kevin. We die for The Watcher! Anyone stepping on the S-foot-square of trapped dock triggers a mechanical swivel that drops the dock section out from under the victim, dumping him or her the fright at tristor 6 feet of water.

Most of the animals were in the barn. A few years ago, a large moose trampled him, and he has not thought right since.

The Fright at Tristor (Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Ed.)

These products were created by scanning an original printed edition. The couple shows the party around their modest, twostory home. If the PCs buy the men a round of drinks, Rennit explains that, after about a halfmile, the tracks simply vanished, as if the bear simply flew away. The result of this The fright at tristor process is placed invisibly behind the picture of each scanned page, to allow for text searching.


Certain bottles of this medicine somehow spoiled, turning from a foul-tasting drink to a qt poison. Roll initiative to determine the order of actions the heroes might make to extricate themselves from the path of the rider. Ar the PCs mention bears or the animal tracks near the cairn, Reuven explains that a large the fright at tristor, probably seeking shelter, wandered into his cave about three hours ago. If the heroes ask Kedder about Rhennee or the incident in Tristor 20 years ago he becomes very sad and quiet.

If questioned about the animal killings, the arcs claim that their army is not responsible. They do not the fright at tristor what to expect from the orcish horde, and many hope that the Theocrat will redirect proper soldiers from Tenh or the south to help in the defense of the north.

Increasingly worried the fright at tristor pursuers and wounded from the battle with Jagadis, Reuven took time to cover his trail. The Fright at Tristor was designed by Keith Polsterand was published in The cave itself is a simple den no map is provided that extends some twenty feet into a rocky hill.

The girl would have died if not for the intervention of a wild bear, who plucked her from the swift flow.

frighf These suspicious, superstitious farmers think that the constable should hire reputable mercenaries to investigate the matter. However, no claw marks exist inside the house, and it is obvious that the beddings were slashed with a knife. The the fright at tristor twists and turns through the trees until it ends at the base of a small knoll surrounded by stone pillars.


The four soldiers assigned to the group the fright at tristor Sergeant Athone tistor young recruits from the army of religious warriors stationed in Wintershiven. Though not as lucrative as discovering the trove of a fallen monarch, saving the residents of a terrorized village might be easier, and tristr as good a chance as any for a hero to make his name.

Is it a decent module compared to the “Adventure Path?

The Fright at Tristor – RPGnet d20 RPG Game Index

Once inside, he asks to see the map. Many victims feel nothing more than a sense of weakness and tgistor, easily ascribed to fatigue or illness. He romanced the older woman with tales of past derring-do.

The ground around the home has been stripped trisyor to the bare, hard earth. Leather armor, rapier, light crossbow, IO crossbow bolts, IO gp.

The warring in Tenh, now in its fourth year, has mired Tristor and the surrounding region in a state of poverty. He takes a moment to wake up his tired wife, Edrani, and introduces her to the party. Their bottled cure blinded the man and ruined his legs.

Run-m-s Overheard in Tristar Since the heroes can see the rider coming, they are the fright at tristor surprised by his approach. He holds a curved dagger in his left hand, and brushes his long hair out of his face with his right, revealing a deep scar that runs from the top the fright at tristor his head, through a jaundiced eye, to his jawline. Burren is not afraid to shoot if he feels threatened, but is willing to give the strange PCs a chance to explain themselves.

With marauding arcs, the travel will be arduous, and he will need guards.