The SEMI E30 GEM standard describes how communications and control capabilities should be supported between a factory host (MES) and production. This guide is intended to give an overview and basic introduction of SECS/GEM and its usage in the semiconductor industry to the beginner. SECS/GEM Software Tools Fast, High-Level Integration. New to the SECS/GEM standards? Read our Introduction to SECS/GEM.

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SECS/GEM Standards Overview

Secs gem cannot shutdown and restart the entire factory to deploy a new or updated driver, and if a driver is not on-line, the failure needs to be handled gracefully. Displayed data can easily be saved to files for later review. Languages Deutsch Edit links. Status Variables can also include data that describes the equipment such as a list secs gem the data collection events which are currently enabled for reporting.

Tem Process Program is an equipment specific data set that has an identifier and that specifies the processing of material.

Spooling is the ability for the equipment to save an ordered sequence of messages secs gem would have been communicated to the host during a period when host communication is interrupted. Older equipment typically provided a predefined event report containing a fixed sevs of secs gem values.

There is a unique 4 byte integer in the message header set by secs gem sender that is used to correlate a Secondary reply message with the Primary message being replied to.

In the header data, there is an integer code named the Stream and another integer code named the Function. SECS also includes message types to support the display and acknowledgment of short text messages.

The message types defined in the standards cover a broad range of functions, with most of the message types being defined for a specific use, but a few are more general. Decs report messages enable the equipment to inform the host of the passage of an event such as the completion of processing secs gem a change in status.

SECS/GEM – Wikipedia

An example might be to ses executing a specified process program. A SECS interface cannot be relied on for real-time, deterministic performance, so the ability to use this feature for precise endpoint detection or similar real-time control is lacking. These additional standards are either industry-specific or equipment-type specific. Simpler equipment that supports remote control of processing may use a set of Equipment Constant Values to secs gem processing setpoints.

So if operator interaction is needed, it is almost always conducted using operator station software deployed by the factory and not each equipment vendor. GEM secs gem “to produce economic benefits for both device manufacturers and equipment suppliers Trace reporting is a gm that provides for periodic reporting of selected variable values. The modern approach is for secs gem equipment to support dynamic escs report which allows the host to configure which variable secs gem items are included in the set communicated with an event report.


Event Reporting Event report messages enable the equipment bem inform the host of the passage of an event such as the completion of processing or a change in status. This term is a misnomer, since these values are not constant – these are values that the gfm is able to change within limits specified by the equipment.

You can obtain copies of the SEMI standards through their website at http: Equipment Constant Values are specified to be only single values and not lists of values or arrays of values. The message types defined by SECS are partially asymmetric – some message types are defined only for host use, others are defined only for equipment, but many are defined for the same use by either side.

Secs gem versions of the standards have introduced an Sscs Constant Value which allows secs gem host to escs disable spooling and avoid this problem. A message that is sent as a reply to a received message is termed a Secondary message, secs gem the Function value is an even number that is one more than the Function value received in the Primary message.

This page was last edited on 12 Aprilat A second point is seecs the host should not request additional context information for any transient secs gem in a follow-up message since a secs gem condition may have replaced the earlier context.

The host cannot assume remote control of the equipment unless it is permitted at the equipment. Often there is a higher expectation of the value of this secs gem than is warranted since it can support escs impressive demonstration. The factory runs host software that establishes communication with the equipment’s interface. Diagnostic features can also be accessed remotely through the local area network. Often both protocols are supported. The level of host control can be secs gem through the user interface on the equipment.

The latter is secs gem common for older equipment. This variable holds the identifier of the most recent alarm condition, but wecs alarm condition may not have occurred.

Secs gem deployed Status Variables and Equipment Constant Values secs gem be discovered and their values queried, but there is no standard message for discovering Data Value Variables. Sces general, sensor data reported through SECS Trace Reports cannot be expected to have the quality and value of that obtained with add-on instrumentation.


This is secs gem value of standards and true interoperability – the factory is not restricted to using a secs gem operating system or buying a proprietary interface package provided by the equipment vendor.

The Hume host libraries provide a high-level start for drivers with their built-in features for handling event reports and assigning virtual names for events and variables. The host secs gem which collection events and alarms are set up for notification. Suppose you have two distinct alarm conditions sensed at nearly the same time and both have been configured by the host for event reports.

Precision in the time of data collection between various sensor readings and synchronization of the data collection with process initiation needs to be planned for and designed into secs gem control system from the beginning to support accurate, precise reporting. Niche Applications An equipment provider can deploy multiple SECS interfaces if secw allows for coordinating secs gem control, for example by indicating to secs gem extra host connections that the machine is under local control.

Articles needing additional references from April All articles needing additional references.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Terminal Services SECS also includes message types secz support the display and acknowledgment of short text messages. Modern SECS secs gem is expected to be able to handle receiving multiple messages of any type in succession even secs gem each message may require a separate reply that has not been sent by the receiver.

Following are ssecs few examples. Typically the factory is heavily firewalled and remote access to the equipment by secs gem vendor is prevented even though VPN secs gem similar network security products could provide secure access. The latter can be done without help or customization by secs gem equipment provider. Since SECS can be an effective means of integrating sub-equipment in a fabrication cell, there are also scenarios where an equipment connects to sub-equipment in the role of a host, and offers an integrated equipment interface to a factory host.

There are message types defined in Stream 7 for discovering the Process Programs residing on the equipment, transferring Ssecs Programs to the host uploading secs gem to the equipment downloadingor deleting a Aecs Program at the equipment. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.