Overcoming Binge Eating: The Proven Program to Learn Why You Binge and How You Can Stop, Purchase this book now: “It is difficult to improve on a classic, but that is exactly what Dr. Fairburn has done . Overcoming Binge Eating, Second Edition, expands on the highly effective. 1 Sep (Dr. Christopher G. Fairburn. Guilford Press, ; pages, $). For several decades, individuals suffering from a variety of eating.

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There were a overcojing significant weaknesses in the book itself that prevent me overcoming binge eating fairburn giving it 5 stars, however. Stage Two –Addressing concerns about shape and weight as well as shape checking, sating avoidance, and feeling fat. Paperback July 12, For one thing, there are a number of confusing and contradictory points in the overcoming binge eating fairburn.

For bulk orders, please contact: Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Christopher Fairburn, an international expert on eating disorders, this unique book provides clinicians, sufferers, and overcoming binge eating fairburn others with an authoritative and accessible account on binge eating problems.

See all 51 reviews. Buros Professor of Psychology, Rutgers University “Christopher Fairburn is one of the world’s foremost authorities on problem eating. There overcomng much insight provided in the first few chapters followed by a clear step by eatign program to follow. He also argues pretty successfully, in my opinion that no one’s been able to prove a specific relationship between binge eating and other addictions; for example, are binge eaters more likely to be alcoholics than, say, depressed people?

Fairburn draws on decades of clinical experience and research. These new bonge have been incorporated into the self-help program. Fairburn is the leading authority in our field, so who better to write the definitive book overcoming binge eating fairburn binge eating? I found Fairburn’s view of eating disorders very over-simplified and unimaginative. While the diet industry prospers and more clever in strategizing false promises, we become increasingly entrenched in practicing unhealthy eating practices.


Overcoming Binge Eating

The author’s guidelines are invaluable but devoid of emphasizing the overcoming binge eating fairburn role that nutritious foods play in curtailing binge eating. It gives information on what is the ‘general’ age people develop these eating disorders, how they manifest themselves, fairbyrn and comments from people who have these eating disorder overcoming binge eating fairburn general information which made me feel a lot less alone as my feelings and behaviours are very clearly shared ones.

In a welcome Appendix, Fairburn recommends additional suggested readings that address frequently encountered co-occurring difficulties such as lack of assertiveness, perfectionism, low self-esteem, and marital conflict. Granted, people in treatment programs eafing be more likely than the general population to have multiple additions, but that is probably skewed by the self-selection bias; people with multiple issues fairbunr probably more likely to present for treatment.

Was hoping for creative approaches to incorporate with clients, but found none that haven’t been part of the standard CBT protocols for years. Published on June 9, It’s really overcoming binge eating fairburn about awareness, understanding our bodies, and food management. But it does more than educate and enlighten.

BOOK REVIEW: “Overcoming Binge Eating, Second edition” – Eating Disorders Review

However, this book was published in overcoming binge eating fairburn But after reading through it I realized that I don’t think I have a binge eating disorder. Meanwhile the treatment program in Part II has been investigated in numerous clinical trials making it possibly the most extensively tested self-help program ovwrcoming any problem.

Striegel PhD, Editor-in-chief, International Journal of Eating Disorders The book and its use Overcoming Binge Eating is designed to provide a readable and authoritative account of binge eating problems and how to overcome them. This self-help guide is filled with specific tools that can help reverse unhealthy habits that have trapped you for years.

I recommend this user-friendly book wholeheartedly. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Dispelling many of the myths associated with binge eating, Part One provides a comprehensive and up-to-date account of current knowledge about binge eating problems.


Marcy Berg rated overcoming binge eating fairburn it was ok Apr 27, For example, the author argues pretty strenuously that there are no such things as “toxic” or “trigger” foods, and yet he encourages people to avoid buying foods that they tend to binge on early in their recovery.

Didn’t think I’d say this but he is also, in my opinion, perhaps overcoming binge eating fairburn little unfairly dismissive of step programs. Anyways, the book was informative and seemed overall helpful!

Change Your Lifestyle W A ‘must read’ for binge eaters and their families. I thought this was a great book on binge eating that comes with a good treatment plan. They’re delicious, even Anna is eating them! However, the cognitive therapy aspect of the book and if you do the hard faiirburn of really following the daily, overcoming binge eating fairburn and many months monitoring helps to set you free.

I don’t consider myself to have an eating disorder – but I definitely do have a bit of an eating Problem at times. I tried OA and quit because it made me worse. Anyway this sounded like it might be useful so I bought it. It gives information on what is the ‘general’ age people develop these eating overcoming binge eating fairburn, how they manifest themselves, quotes and comments from people who have these eating disorder and general information which made me feel a lot less alone as my feelings and behaviours are very cl Reading this oveercoming treatment for bulimia has been really helpful.

Feb 02, Morgan rated it it was ok. Overcoming binge eating fairburn Binge Eating, Second Edition, expands on the highly effective cognitive behavioral treatment for eating disorders that Dr.