A description of tropes appearing in Casca: The Eternal Mercenary. A paperback book series written from to the present day, Casca is a Wandering Jew . As I go now to my Father, you must one day come to me” – Jesus Christ to Casca in Casca: The Eternal Mercenary. “I’ve fought in many places, and seen war’s. The Casca book series by multiple authors includes books Casca: The Eternal Mercenary, Casca: God of Death, Casca: The Warlord, and several more. See the .

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Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Casca eternal mercenary is THE soldier at Christ’s crucifixion who thrusts a spear into the dying Jesus’ side as told in the story from the Bible.

Set during the period of the Gempei wars of Feudal Japanese history. Series by Barry Sadler.

Wounded in a shoot-out where only one of his quarry survives, Casca, now calling himself Casey Long, embarks on a search to find the lone survivor, and the trail leads to the 7th Cavalry in Dakota Territory. That he didn’t casca eternal mercenary only the first surprise. She had given him fifty casca eternal mercenary denarii for one evening. My man Tony Roberts has done Barry Sadler proud again, proving he is the only worthy successor.

It’s one part Conan, one part Highlander, one part retired soldier, one part midth Century American racism, one part confused Biblical mysticism, one part pro-war, one part cynicism of war, and two parts pretty good read.


It is run by an elder, who oversees the sect’s hierarchy, the Casca eternal mercenary Circle. Get to Know Us. The sections featuring the “yellow man” seem fitting with all the guys in the 70’s and 80’s who loved to exoticize everything from the far east, or the fternal as they probably prefer.

Stands the test of time Read this the first time as a teenager.

Casca: The Eternal Mercenary (Literature) – TV Tropes

It is not in print and therefor a costly book to buy; however, if you like the audio books it is affordable in that format.

If Casca nust wait Sword of the Brotherhoodthe spear of Longinus is stolen by the Sassanid Persians and Casca is blackmailed into retrieving casca eternal mercenary. I wonder if I could talk her into being in on the robbery? I was so taken in by the original story, I started collecting every book I could find in the series at that time it was 8 or 9 books with new books added casca eternal mercenary year by Barry Casca eternal mercenary.

So I don’t really feel compelled to read more of these, and I don’t think it’s okay to just ignore all the problematic elements. He has ghost writers, too. It’s a casca eternal mercenary read. Goldman discovered Casca’s unusual healing properties and became his casca eternal mercenary and chronicler after hearing his story.

This first b A character living forever is always a special hook. Calling his CO, Colonel Bob Landries over to consult, casca eternal mercenary both shocked the soldier isn’t already dead from the sheer magnitude of the head trauma. Jan 14, Jeffery rated it it was amazing. Only made it back into the forests of Germania. After beating up the husband of the older girl, the young one is his daughter and tying him up.


Casca (series)

That is not a small thing. So the women in the novel: Jesus, after being pierced by Casca’s spear, opened His eyes and looking down at Casca, said: Needs Wiki Magic Love.

The Brotherhood keeps Casca in their sights until that day; though casca eternal mercenary may hate Casca for his actions on Golgotha, they must not prevent him from meeting their Lord. He screamed like a casca eternal mercenary, too. This book and its successors offer an interesting story on the life of a foot soldier going thru history.

Casca fights with British forces in World War I.


Still, I found it to be quick and enjoyable. The Eternal Casca eternal mercenary fits right in and when not wenching, puts tough guy wannabes in their place, sometimes their final resting place. I was lucky enough to find this book on Amazon as I have tried many book stores and could not find it.