Check Aadhar Card Status online by Aadhar UID No

This article will help the people to check aadhar card status. Have you recently enrolled for the aadhaar card? If yes then this guide will help you to track your aadhar status. Due to government’s new rule, many people have enrolled in the UID scheme. People can get all the information and latest news related to the card here. After enrollment, UIDAI will deliver the adhar card by post to the residential address. The whole process takes around 3 moths. People get impatient in this time and they tend to check their adhar card status online. However, there is more than one way to check the status. We will discuss all that in details in this post.

Aadhar card and aadhaar number:

Aadhar card is the new government proof of identity. The UIDAI is precise and clear about this fact. They have mentioned in their website and in press that adhar card is a proof of identity not citizenship. So why is aadhaar card important?

The card indentifies each citizen using a 12-digit number called the aadhaar number. The specialty of the number is that it is unique. No two persons can have the same number. Similarly, one person cannot have tow adhar numbers.

Therefore, this when used in different subsidy scheme of government can help reduce corruption. Earlier the government officials used to steal the allotted budget my creating fake names that use the scheme. Now by making the UID card mandatory, one cannot make fake names.

Check aadhar card status:

One can check the status online from the official UIDAI website only. We advise all to not provide aadhaar number to any other website other than Do not post you aadhaar number in the comment section below. This is for safety and security reason.

Now to check the status one needs his/her enrollment number and date and time of registration. This information is in the enrollment slip. Aadhar card status enquiry is not possible without this number. So if you have lost the slip then go to the official website to retrieve your EID.

aadhaar card status

EID is combination of enrollment number, date and time of registration. When you retrieve the number online then you will get this 28 digit EID. The first 14 digit of this number is the enrollment number. The last digits are date and time.

So if these things are clear then proceed with the adhar status check. Below we have discussed both online and offline method. These methods are very easy. There is no restriction in checking the status. You can check as many times as you wish.

Aadhar Card Online Status:

  • The candidates can check status free of cost using the Internet. If you have the EID then you can proceed with the checking.
  • Go to the website
  • Next, click on aadhaar card status online.
  • After that, enter the EID in the proper place.
  • Next, enter the security code as shown in the page.
  • Finally, click on “Check Status” button.

Now the status will appear on the screen. If the status is showing delivered then you can expect the card to arrive soon. Please note that the card will be delivered by normal post. However, if you grow tired of waiting you can download the card online and print it. This will work same as the original one.

UID Status by SMS:

People can send SMS to check their UID card status also. This method is for the people who do not have internet. It is also free of cost. However, the telecom operator may charge for the SMS service. Therefore it is not completely free like the online method.

To check the adhar card status one need to send SMS in the following format.

UID STATUS <14 digit enrollment number>

Next send the SMS to 51969.

Now wait for the reply from the UIDAI. So that concludes the methods of aadhar card status enquiry. You can choose the method which is easier and economical for you.

Status check at

Hope this article was helpful for people who have confusion on how to check aadhar card status. Do check other articles also on this website. If you have any question comment below. You can also call UIDAI helpline number for enquiry.

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